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Summertime Stories

Hey everyone, firstly, sorry it’s been a while since our last little update, but we’ve been crazily busy with gigging, writing and just generally playing music! We thought we’d give you a little bit of a roundup of what’s been happening.


Out in the Sticks EP

We’ve had some amazing reviews and loads of interest in this EP, so thanks so much for buying it and supporting us. We’re especially thankful to everyone who buys the album, learns the words and sings along at our gigs! So, thanks for the support guys, glad you all seem to like the EP.

New Faces to the Band

At the end of last year we were lucky enough to meet the amazingly talented cellist, Mike Calvert who quickly became an integral part of the band. More recently we introduced Jack March to The Seniors family and his incredible ability on guitar, mandolin and keys has brought a great new dimension to our band. Great to have both of the guys on board and it’s a pleasure to make music with them!


Last month we had the privilege of playing the mighty Glastonbury. We played a couple of sets at the Avalon Café, one at the Acoustic Backstage Bar and rounded things off with a radio session on Worthy FM. It was an amazing weekend and we had an unbelievable time on and off the stage. Thanks so much to the Field of Avalon for having us and thanks to everyone who came down to catch one of our sets. It was an honour to share the stage with and meet the likes of Mumford and Sons, HAIM, Keston Cobblers Club, Ellen and the Pocket Belles and CC Smugglers (amongst many more).

I think we’re going to try and get all of our Glastonbury thoughts down in a single blog, so look out for that!

Langsett le Hub

This was a cracking festival to welcome the Tour de France to Yorkshire and we had a mega time headlining on the Saturday night. Lots of great bands on and a really good atmosphere. This festival is onto a winner and hopefully will carry on next year! Thanks to everyone who danced the night away with us.


We've also been lucky enough to have Meera come onboard helping out with the mangement, merch and promo side of things. She's been amazing all summer and it's great to have her onboard for the future. Cheers Meera....and thanks for putting up with us!

Other Gigs

Earlier this year we played a few gigs in Manchester and London, so thanks a million if you made it down!

Upcoming Gigs

We’ve still got a packed summer ahead of us, so get down to as many as you can, be great to see you all at the shows!

Check out our ‘live’ page for the upcoming gigs. The next one is a very special night at the London Theatre Workshop on August 2nd. We’re really looking forward to it, so grab your tickets quickly (link on ‘live’ page).


That’s everything for now pals! Thanks so much for the continued support, we love making our music, so it’s great to see people enjoying it!


Paul, Tom, Phil, Lewis, Mike and Jack x


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