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The Show Must Go On

Well, hello there dear friends. We’ve been busy bees over the last couple of weeks so thought we’d give you a quick update on what’s been going on!

London Theatre Workshop

At the start of the month we packed up the van (which then broke down, so we packed up another van) and hit the M1. We had been asked to put on a night of music and dancing as part of the Fringe on Fringe’ festival.

Although this venue was hotter than the sun we had a wonderful time playing and it was great to see everyone dancing and singing….and fighting through the heat exhaustion! Support was from the absolutely fantastic Tom Walker, who never fails to disappoint.

Thanks so much to everyone who made it to support us, you were on top form as ever!

PS - next time, we’ll install air conditioning x


Night and Day

Well, well, well… the build up to this gig all seemed to be going swimmingly; lots of people had told us they were heading down, the van looked like it would be fixed again and we were all ready for a nice, local gig where we could see all of our Manchester pals!

…but then we got the news that Tom would be stuck in London for the night and therefore The Seniors would be short of a front man.

Well, did we panic? Hmm, a little bit, but then rescue came in the shape of Paul, who volunteered to step into Tom’s shoes and act as front man for the night.

I speak for the rest of the band when I say how proud I am of Paul, although he normally sings for us, it’s a big jump up to fronting the band and he did a helluva job in our eyes.

Thanks so much to everyone who came down and supported us and shouted words of encouragement to Paul.

Fear not though, Tom will be back for Bakewell and hopefully for all of our shows in the future!


We’ve still got a couple of limited edition Glastonbury t-shirts left and we are incredibly proud to share that this week we have shipped t-shirts to the Netherlands and all the way to the United Sates! So, thanks for the support guys!

The Lazy Generation

Finally, we’d like to point you in the direction of these boys (bottom of post). They approached us a while ago to ask if they could use a couple of our tracks on some of their videos. We definitely recommend giving this one a viewing, and you might recognise some of music!

As always, thanks so much for supporting us, we really wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys, so pat yourselves on the back.

Much love.

Tom, Paul, Phil, Lewis, Jack and Mike


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