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Summer's End

Well bandits, what an amazing summer we have had! We've had some amazing experiences and met so many great new fans.

Thanks so much to everyone for coming down to our gigs, whether it was jumping an dancing in the mud of Glastonbury, celebrating the start of the Tour de France with us or sweating away in a sweltering room in London, we had an absolute ball and we hope you did too.

Recently we played the fantastic Hayfest a stone's throw from where the band started, so thanks to everyone for coming down to this one, it was great for us to travel down nostalgia lane and see so many old friends here.

It may be the end of festival season, but that doesn't mean we're sat with our feet up, we're working hard on some new material and will be locking ourselves in the studio at the end of November to get some tracks down. We can't wait to get this new stuff recorded and we hope you'll love listening to it as much as we love playing it.

Keep posted for more updates and when you can expect to hear the new stuff.

Love from the bandits.

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