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Brand Spanking New!

For just £10 Including Postage you could have your hands on the 'Wonder Foxes' debut album.

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This Synthetic Life

Buy The Seniors latest EP now for just £5 including postage .

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The first 3 Eps all come with limited edition 16-page artwork booklets complete with full lyrics.


The EP's cost £7.00 each, including postage, or to get all three EP's it will cost you a mere £12.50 including postage!


For a sneak peak of the EP's, listen via SoundCloud below, then just click the 'Buy Now' link, alternatively, choose the bundle below.


The Senior's bundles come with extra gifts and treats!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our band.

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Buy all three Ep's for £12.50 (Inc. Postage)

Plus a few little extra treats!

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Alternatively, all of our releases are available on a number of digital platforms.

Please click the links below for purchase information.

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