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Recording 'Country Folk in this Adorable Town'

We arrived on a cold, frosty January morning in 2013, at Cottonmouth studios in Manchester to meet producer Chris Hamilton with the idea of making an album together. We’d heard some good things about him and to be honest he had a reasonably shaped beard and cool pair of trainers, so we thought he’ll do for us!

Three months later after a lot of fun and a few ‘dark moments’,We ended up with this 5 song EP which we’re all pretty proud of. We ran over budget, and chose what we hope is quality over quantity, and the result is a good representation of what we’re about.

We’ve gone for an analogue sound with the final mix being transferred to tape. We wanted to get as close as we could to that ‘live’ feel. We know it’s not the same as hearing something live, but we wanted to try and be as authentic as possible, so we completely ditched any digital sounds and went for real instruments with some awesome musicians who included; Matt Owens (Double Bass), Matthew Frain (Cello), Amelia McCormack (Violin), Tom Scottson (Hammond Organ) and Ben Harness (Saxophone).

It’s not gonna be to everyones taste, but we hope you get a flavour of what we’re about and what we’re trying to say, and that through listening you get the sense that these songs and what’s behind them, really mean something to us. Some of them have been hanging around for a while, ‘Zoo’ for example was written back in 2005 and we spruced it up a bit, adding the ‘Zoo babies’ and the middle 8 and hopefully it’s still as relevant today as say ‘Skinny Girls’ which is a recent addition to the family.

So we hope there’s something in there that you might like, we hope you enjoy the illustrations by the incredibly talented artist Loz Lamborn, who captured the spirit of the music with the cartoons brilliantly. The EP’s got quite a folky backbone to it, but you’ll also get some Indie, Ska and a few cowboy influences drifting in. We hope there’s also something a bit different in there to chew over, again a conscious effort was made to keep it authentic and keep it ‘us’. We’ll let others decide if there’s a suitably named box it can be put in :)

These days we’re lining up with; Tom Senior (Vocals, mandolin, Cornett), Paul Senior (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Phil Bowen (Bass and Guitar), Lewis Sewell (Drums, percussion and backing vocals), Mike Calvert (Cello) and adding Strings, Brass and Organ when the occasion calls for it.

We’re putting in the hours in the rehearsal room, trying to perfect the craft and hope that anyone coming to see us will at least get a sense of that.

Thanks for taking an interest in what we do and who we are.

The Seniors.

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